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Demystifying The Construction Process Since 1991

1. What is your experience?

My project experience ranges from houses to hospitals, aviaries to airports and steel mills to stadiums.

2. What services can you provide?

Among other things, I can draft, negotiate and review construction agreements, prepare and defend claims for construction defects and delays and handle construction related insurance claims involving mold and other property damage.

3. Why should I use your services?

My background as a professional engineer and project manager on multi million dollar commercial projects gives me an edge over other attorneys. I understand the process and and will not waste your time or money "getting up to speed."

4. How much do you cost?

I charge less than many lawyers with less experience, much less than most lawyers with similar experience at "downtown" firms, and a reasonable rate for an attorney with my construction experience and educational background. I can keep my rates reasonable because I keep my overhead low. In most cases, I will come to your home or business to examine your particular problem. Also, some cases can be handled on a contingent fee basis. This means I am only paid a percentage of what you recover on your case.

5. Are consultations free?

Yes. Call me at (412) 341-7820 or email me at There will be no charge until I understand your problem and we agree to work together to get it solved.

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