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In 2002, there were nearly 1.7 million new home starts in the United States. The average price of a new home is $228,600. Americans spend $200 billion yearly on home renovation and repair -- often at a price in excess of $120 per square foot. Wouldn't it be wise to protect that investment?

Would you enter an agreement to purchase a new home or make renovations or repairs to an existing home without having somebody review and, if necessary, amend any agreement to protect your interest? In the event there are problems with the work, should you hire a professional to protect your investment?

Attorney John E. Lippl provides these services. He will review construction, repair or renovation agreements and provide the advice necessary to protect you. In the event the work has already been done, he can describe the procedures to protect your interest. If the work is defective, he can provide options to ensure the work gets done right.

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